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There are strong sales expected in Hill House due to its excellent location and attractive prices.

If you would like to reserve or book a unit before coming to our showflat, do contact us below. We will reserve the unit for your while you make your way down, to avoid disappointment.


Here are the most updated sold/available units.
Last Updated: 2nd December 2022

291122 Hill House Balance Unit Chart


Hill House Condo Past Balance Unit Chart


13 Nov 2022 Hill House Balance Unit Chart

14 Oct 2022 Hill House Balance Unit Chart



Hillhouse Condo Recent Sold Units


14-11-22: #07-05 Sold!

12-11-22: #10-08, #06-08, #08-07, #07-07, #06-07, #03-07, #03-06, #06-05, #05-05, #03-05, #06-04 Sold!

12-11-22: Congratulations to all purchasers on our Launch Weekend!



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